Executive Proclamation and Excecutive Order Extending the Safer at Home Directive

"This order will be effective at 6:00pm on March 27, 2020 and shall remain in efffect until 6:00 pm on April 3, 2020, unless othewise extended."

Exective Order updated March 27, 2020 

Declaration of State of Emerency By Mayor Mike Wissman

"The duration of this state of emergency commeneced on March 20, 2020 and initally continued until March 27, 2020. Given the ongoing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic it is necessary to extend the state of emergency for an additional seven (7) days as permitted by Tennessee law Accordingly, this state of emgerncy is hereby renewed until April 3, 2020 unliess otherwise extended."

Declartation of State of Emergency Updated March 27, 2020

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