Special Census Verification

*** MAAG has confirmed that they verified the Town's population count from our Special Census. 

The Town recently performed a Special Census and counted an additional almost 1,200 people in our Town. Before the State of TN will give us our portion of state-shared taxes based on this new number, it must be verified by an outside agency. 

As such, Memphis Area Association of Governments (MAAG) will have a survey team in Town for one day (Saturday, April 7) to check our accuracy by contacting 10% of our residents.
For a successful verification, they must have cooperation to confirm our count is accurate. 

** Each surveyor will have a badge with the MAAG logo, their name, and title stating they are a Census Taker. They will also have black binders with their scripts and information to record the count.

Arlington 2018 Special Census

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