Tornado Siren Replacements

The Town of Arlington is replacing the outdoor warning siren located at 11754 Douglas Street.  The old siren will be taken off the roof of the fire station and the new siren placed on a taller utility pole adjacent to the property.  The pole will be about twenty feet taller than the previous location, therby allowing the siren to reach more of the community.  Additionally, the siren will have a louder tone for better alert capabilities.

We understand the noise may be an inconvenience to some citizens and apologize for any trouble but please understand we strive to provide the service of outdoor warning sirens to give everyone outside ample time to take cover during tornado activity.

All sirens in the Town are tested every Wednesday at approximately 3:30 PM, weather permitting.  The sirens operate for three minutes.  These weekly tests ensure all of our outdoor warning sirens function properly so that when a tornado warning is issued we can have the confidence they will work. During an actual tornado warning all the sirens will activate for three minutes and rest for seven minutes.  This cycle of activation and rest continues until the warning is lifted.

For more information or any questions, you may contact the Fire Department at (901)867-8905.

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