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Current Town of Arlington Projects
For additional information on current projects or for any questions or concerns, please call Town Hall at (901) 867-2620.

Forrest Street Traffic Calming Forrest Traffic Calming Project_2023
After several comments about safety in this area, a study was performed on how to improve the area of Forrest Street between Chester and Griffin Road. This project is a result of the study and is intended to increase driver and pedestrian safety in the area.

The project includes the following components:

  • Installation of a new pedestrian crosswalk across Forrest Street at the Griffin Road intersection, as well as a retrofit of existing curb ramps with new ADA accessible ramps.
  • Installation of a raised pedestrian crosswalk at the existing mid-block crosswalk location on Forrest Street at the east Park entrance. The raised crosswalk is intended to reduce the speed of vehicles while also increasing the safety of pedestrians at this location. Signs will be installed to give drivers advance warning.
  • Installation of a new raised median with concrete curb and interior landscaping in area of existing two-way left-turn lane on Forrest Street, from west of Griffin to the new raised pedestrian crosswalk. This is intended to prevent vehicles from performing illegal passing maneuvers, reduce speed of vehicles, and increase safety of drivers and pedestrians.
  • Installation of all-way stop controls at the intersection of Forrest and Griffin, as well as warning signs for vehicles. This is intended to increase safety for pedestrians in the area, as a result of the high volume of pedestrians observed in this area.
Work started September 5th and was anticipated to require 3 weeks to complete; however, a delay with utilities has extended that timeline.

Depot Square MuralsNew Mural in Progress_2023
This proposal includes the installation of 2 murals in the Depot Square area, to include one representing traditional Arlington items on the side of the Cannery building facing The Kitchen Table restaurant (completed) and one welcoming people to Arlington on the building facing north toward the Senior Center (expected in 2024). 

Diamond Interchange at I-40I-40 Airline Diamond Interchange_sm
Plans for revision of the I-40 Interchange at Airline Road to improve traffic flow through the area through the installation of a diamond interchange which includes bridge widening. This proposal was put forward to relieve congestion occurring in the area and on Arlington off-ramps. Expected timeframe for improvements is 7-12 years, due to the unique location and approval process involved.

Donelson Farms Parkway Extension
This is a proposed extension of Donelson Farms Parkway from Donelson Elementary west to State Route 385. This extension will help improve traffic flow by adding additional lanes and also provide a straight pathway between Airline Road and State Route 385.  This project is an 80/20 TDOT Funded Grant Project.  Work to obtain required right-of-way was recently completed. The Town is now working toward moving to the Construction phase of the project.

Signalization at Arlington Trails
Installation of traffic signals and minor widening at the intersection of Arlington Trails and Airline Road, south of I-40. Construction is expected to begin in fall/winter 2023, with project completion in spring/summer 2024.

Left-Turn Signal Installations
The Town is working on finalizing plans for the installation of left-turn signals at two locations in Winter/Spring 2023-2024. The intersections proposed include: Airline & Hwy 70 (west bound Hwy 70 and north bound Airline) and Airline and Douglass Street.

Ongoing Street Improvements (various sites)
The Town budgets annually for street improvements. A selection of roads are chosen each year based on a professional survey of road conditions and their remaining life. These improvements include a range of treatments, from full asphalt overlays, crack seal, fog seal, and chip seal. These treatments are intended to help prolong the life and safety of Arlington roads, while also keeping long-term maintenance costs to a minimum.

Fire Station #2 (completed)
The Town of Arlington purchased property at the northwest corner of Donelson and Airline Road to be the site of the Future Fire Station No. 2.  Site Work and Construction is well underway for our new facility, with a goal to be operational in the first half of 2021.

Airline Road Widening - from I-40 South to Brooks River Road (completed)
This is a 100% spot safety project by the Tennessee Dept. of Transportation (TDOT) to widen this portion of Airline Road, which will provide a center turn lane into both the Trails of Arlington and Brooks Manor subdivisions.

Airline Road Widening - between Arlington High School & Hall Creek Bridge (completed)
This project includes the widening of Airline Road to a full 5 lanes (2 in each direction with a center turn lane), continuing the design of Airline Road north of the High School. This project is a 80/20 TDOT Funded Grant Project.   

Memphis-Arlington Bike-Pedestrian Improvements (completed)
This project is a continuation of existing bicycle/pedestrian improvements on Memphis-Arlington Road. It will extend the bike/ped improvements west from the Milton-Wilson Blvd intersection toward Gerber Road. 

Forrest Street Campus (completed)
Improvements to the Town's Forrest Street Campus include a walking trail, Farmer's Market/Multi-Use Pavilion, Amphitheater, and related road improvements, parking, grading, drainage, lighting and landscaping. The project adds an additional 150+ parking spaces to serve the Campus and Park next door.    

Highway 70 Widening - between I-269/385 & Airline Rd (completed
The intersection of Jetway and Hwy 70 is the gateway to the Arlington Industrial area and sees a lot of commercial traffic. The project includes widening of Hwy 70, as well as intersection improvements and signalization at Jetway.

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