Homeowners Guide to Drainage

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Drainage and flooding problems in and around your home can be a costly damaging nuisance.  Common actions taken by you, the homeowner, in the process of developing your lot or landscaping your yard can create flooding and drainage problems. 

The Town recently created a booklet for homeowners that can help in solving and preventing drainage issues on their property.  A PDF of the document can be found here.

Reporting Illicit Discharge:
An "Illicit Discharge" is any discharge to a municipal storm sewer system - storm drains, pipes, and ditches - that is not composted entirely of stormwater. Pollutants end up in storm sewer systems in a number of  ways, many of which are easily preventable. Disposable of anything other than stormwater in storm sewers is illegal! 
         *  Examples of Illicit Discharges:
                        ~ Septic Tank Seepage/Illegal Sanitary Connections
                        ~ Laundry Wastewater/Detergent
                        ~ Improper Waste Oil Disposal/Auto Fluids Flushing
                        ~ Home Improvement Waste (e.g. concrete, paint)
                        ~ Pesticides and Fertilizers
                        ~ Improper Disposal of Commercial and Industrial Hazardous Waste 
                        ~ Pool/Spa Discharge
                        ~ Cooking Grease/Household Waste
Contact Town of Arlington Public Works Department at 901-867-4980 if you 
or suspect illicit discharge. 
                        ~ We will inspect and determine if there is a violation.
                        ~ If there is a violation, we will work with the individual/entity to resolve violation. 

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