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Town Planning Publications - Various development publications for Arlington can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate title below:

Town of Arlington Zoning Ordinance - This ordinance not only provides for the establishment of districts within the corporate limits, but it also provides regulation of location, height, bulk, number of stories, size of buildings/structures, and  percentage of lot occupancy.  It lists regulations governing conforming and non-conforming uses and structures within the town limits, establishes powers and duties for a Board of Appeals, and indicates responsibilities for administration and enforcement in this ordinance.   In addition, the Zoning Ordinance contains the Town of Arlington Zoning Map

Subdivision Regulations - These regulations govern all subdivision of land within the corporate limits of Arlington, Tennessee. The Planning Commission amended and re-adopted them on February 20, 2018. The Town's Standard Construction Details are also included in these regulations (note: the residential driveway detail was updated December 2019 and a commercial driveway detail was added).  

Design Guidelines Manual - This manual is a collection of the principles and design standards that the Design Review Committee applies to each application it reviews. 

Future Land Development Plan - The Future Land Development Plan is a guide for future development by providing a basis for rational decisions regarding zoning, subdivision control, redevelopment, and related issues. It represents goals and policies to guide and direct growth in Arlington over the next 20 years, by identifying goals and the methods by which those goals will be achieved.  Adopted by Planning Commission on January 21, 2020, Resolution 2020-01. The following maps are included in the Land Development Plan: Existing Land Use MapFloodways and Floodplains MapFuture Land Use Map; and Greenways, Parks, and Open Space Map. 

Depot Square Master Plan - This plan, adopted January 7, 2013, illustrates a way in which it is possible to enhance and grow Depot Square as a destination for years to come without compromising that, which makes it special and unique.  This plan is a large file and may take time to upload.

Arlington Major Road Plan - Adopted May 5, 2014, Resolution 2014-14.  The purpose of the Arlington Major Road Plan is to evaluate the ability of the planned roadway system to accommodate future traffic volumes upon ultimate build-out of the Town of Arlington in accordance with the recently adopted Land Development Plan.  The Plan identifies the transportation infrastructure necessary to support growth.  The following map is included: Major Road Plan Map.

Loosahatchie River Greenway Trail Master Plan - Adopted July 7, 2014, Resolution 2014-28.  The Loosahatchie River Greenway Trail Master Plan is a comprehensive plan outlining a future network of trails that will connect town parks, municipal buildings, Depot Square, schools, neighborhoods and commercial areas within Arlington, as well as connect these places to the larger regional network of trails, open spaces and greenways.

Town Maps - Additional information is available on the maps  page, which includes the following that may be of interest to both residents and nonresidents: 
  • Garbage Collection Schedule Map
  • Government Facilities
  • Arlington Streets
  • Schools and Parks
  • Subdivisions
  • Zoning Map (including one searchable by Address)
  • Aerial of Town of Arlington
  • Future Land Development Plan


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