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The Planning and Zoning Process
If you are going to build or expand a residence or business in Arlington, you must meet the local zoning, subdivision and site plan regulations. The Planning Department can advise you if you need to file an application for your project, which application to file, and whether you will need to meet with the Planning Commission or another board or commission for your approval. The Planning Commission meets on the 3rd Monday of each month, the Design Review Committee meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, and the Board of Zoning Appeals meets as needed.

Building Permits
Permits are required for all new construction.  In addition, residential permits are required for additions, accessory structures (sheds, pergolas, fences, patio covers), curb cuts, and pools.  If your work only involves interior renovations, remodeling, or electrical you may contact Shelby County Codes directly. 

Building permits must be on a Shelby County form, available at Town Hall. Fees for permits vary and are payable by cash or check only.
Fence permits applications may be found here. The fee is $25 and is payable by cash or check only.

No permit is required for work such as: new carpet, paint, fans, new roof shingles, etc.  If there is a question, it's always best to call first to confirm.

Business Licenses
If you are doing business in Arlington, you may be required to have business license. Please click here for more information about applying for a Town of Arlington business licenses.

Project Development Submittal Calendars (site plans, subdivisions, planned developments)
Below are Calendars with the upcoming dates of Town meetings in addition to the submittal deadlines for applications to be considered on those Agendas.

       Submittal Calendar (Jul – Dec 2019)                Submittal Calendar (Jan-Jun 2020)     

Development Process Flow Chart
Flow Chart - Development Process

Pre-Application Meeting/Discussion
A Pre-Application Meeting can provide more clarification regarding the Town’s development and building process. Before an applicant spends too much time and effort with a proposal, he/she should meet with Town staff to review the proposal in general terms in order to receive preliminary staff comments and observations. These comments will strengthen the application and guide the applicant on what to expect. Town staff will be available to answer applicant questions about the property or process. Please contact the Planning Department at (901) 867-2620 to schedule a pre-application meeting. They are generally held the first and third Monday of the month.

Planning Commission
The Planning Commission reviews plans for residential and commercial projects. They consider the site access, setbacks, parking, grading, and drainage. All submitted plans must be drawn to scale.  Our Planning Commission meets once a month, usually on the third Monday of the month. Please refer to the submittal calendar for dates. To be considered for the agenda the submittal date is generally 6 weeks prior to the meeting.

Design Review Committee
The Design Review Committee follows specific guidelines set forth by the Town and considers all building exteriors, landscaping, lighting and signage. Site plans must be drawn to scale and an exterior material display board with examples of all proposed building materials and colors shall be submitted with application.

Board of Zoning Appeals 
The Board of Zoning Appeals meets as necessary and considers variance requests to the official zoning map. You can find our Zoning Map here.

Post Approval 
Once the project has received the necessary approvals, construction plans are reviewed by Town Staff. After approval of construction plans, a PreConstruction meeting is held to authorize work and collect any fees. PreConstruction meetings are held the first and third Monday’s of the month.

Fee Schedule
The fee for various permits are noted on the front of most applications, but they can also be found in the Town's Development Fee Schedule.  All payments made to the Town must be made by cash or check only.

Planning and Development

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