Maps of Arlington

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Garbage Collection
Scheduled garbage collection day for areas throughout Arlington (updated Feb. 2023).  You can also check the searchable Collection Schedule map above and type your street address in the search box (top right of map).  Call Arlington Public Works at (901) 867-4980 if you have any problems or questions regarding your garbage collection service.

Government Facilities 
Government facilities located in the Town of Arlington which include Town Hall, Public Works, Fire Department, Library, Post Office, Sheriff's Department, Visitors Center and the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT).

Arlington Streets 
Streets throughout Arlington as of May 2011. 

Schools & Parks 
School and park locations throughout the Town of Arlington. (note: the newly renovated Playground of Dreams is located at Hughes College Hill Park)

A summary of the various subdivisions throughout the Town of Arlington, identified by name.  Arlington continues to enjoy a robust growth!

Zoning Map
The official Zoning Map which identifies the distribution of  zoning districts throughout Town.  If you are searching for the Zoning of a specific address, the interactive Development Activities Map above also includes zoning information and is searchable.  PLEASE NOTE: recent Zoning Map changes may not be reflected in the latest official map.  Contact the Planning Department at Town Hall for questions or zoning confirmation at: 901-867-2620. 

Aerial Map 
Aerial Map of the Town of Arlington, which includes the current boundaries of Arlington.

Land Development Plan 
Future Land Development Plan Map - The Future Land Development Plan provides guidance and is used as a basis for future requests for zoning changes, public improvements or infrastructure investment, etc.  This Plan was most recently updated and approved by the Planning Department in January 2020.  For informational purposes, an exhibit showing the previous and new Maps side-by-side is provided for comparison.

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