Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Administration Mike Wissman Mayor 901-461-0508
Administration Larry Harmon Alderman Position 1 901-461-9065
Administration Hugh Lamar Alderman Position 2 901-848-1105
Administration Jeff McKee Alderman Position 3 901-351-7275
Administration Oscar Brooks Alderman Position 4 901-326-5439
Administration Harry McKee Alderman Position 5 901-826-5594
Administration Brian Thompson Alderman Position 6 901-337-0114
Administration Catherine Durant Town Administrator 901-867-2620
Administration Brittney Owens Town Recorder/Treasurer 901-867-2620
Administration Shelley Hardee Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerk 901-867-2620
Administration Crystal Jones Human Resource Clerk 901-867-2620
Administration Heather Kee Customer Service Clerk 901-867-2620
Planning & Development Angela Reeder Town Planner 901-867-3449
Planning & Development Alex Barthol Planning Clerk 901-867-3449
Parks and Recreation Kevin Carter Parks and Recreation Director 901-867-4980
Public Works Terry Perkins Public Works Director 901-867-4980
Public Works David Garrison Assistant Public Works Director 901-867-4980
Public Works Dana Salabor Customer Service Clerk 901-867-4980
Public Works Darlon Wakefield Customer Service Clerk 901-867-4980
Fire Department David Franks Fire Chief 901-867-8905
Fire Department Jim McMillen Assistant Fire Chief 901-867-8905
Wastewater Terry Perkins Wastewater Director 901-623-4686
Library Molly Antoine Librarian 901-867-1954
Senior Citizens Center Elizabeth Equi Senior Citizens Center Director 901-867-7698

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