MLGW Press Release


On July 11, in the early morning hours, MLGW's Substation 68, located at 10600 Highway 70 (Arlington Area) sustained major damage from a fire. The cause of the fire is still under investigation, and it could take up to six months to fully repair all damage. All customers who were affected by this incident have had their power restored.

Some customers may be experiencing voltage issues at their homes and businesses. MLGW is working 24 hours a day to address this problem. We will be installing additional voltage regulator stations in this area. This should be completed by the weekend. We will take other measures as the situation warrants.  We are actively monitoring this situation.

MLGW will be rebuilding the damaged station. Construction activity will start this week.

Our Business Solutions Center and the Customer Care Center are available if customers are experiencing any low voltage problems related to this incident.

Commercial and Industrial customers: Business Solutions Center at 528-4270

Residential Customers: Customer Care Center at 544-6549

UPDATE: July 13th
Memphis Light, Gas and Water asked all customers in the Lakeland and Arlington areas to limit their electricity use while crews work to repair the substation that caught fire early Monday morning.

Substation 68, located on Highway 70, serves more than 6,800 people.  Though power was restored to the area, homes and businesses are still experiencing some voltage issues as repairs continue.

The repairs are expected to take approximately six months. During that time, MLGW is asking customers to limit their energy consumption during peak hours of 3 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Voluntarily curtailing energy use will balance electric load capacity.  However, if demand is too high, MLGW will use mandatory rolling blackouts to accomplish the same balance.

Customers are asked not to dry their clothes until 8 p.m., increase thermostat temperatures to 80 degrees or higher, and run swimming pool pumps overnight instead of during the day.

If you are experiencing low voltage issues related to this incident, call Customer Care Center for Residential customers at 544-6549 or Business Solutions Center for Commercial and Industrial Customers at 528-4270.

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