Milton Wilson Road Repair - 12/27 - 12/30

The Town of Arlington Public Works Department is in the process of investigating and repairing a road failure on Milton Wilson just south of the Forrest Street intersection.  To ensure safety of our personnel and adequate operating room for our equipment, we will be closing a portion of the NB lanes of Milton Wilson and shifting this traffic to one of the SB lanes during working hours (~7:30 to 3:00) next week, 12/27 through 12/30.  
Attached diagram is provided:
MW Failure - Copy
Item 1.  Approximate location of failure.
Item 2.  For safety of personnel and equipment operating space, a section of the NB traffic will be shifted to the SB lanes. 
Item 3.  ‘Road Work Ahead’ and ‘One Lane Ahead’ signs will be placed in four locations as shown.
Item 4.   High visibility cones will be used to separate NB and SB traffic throughout the traffic shift area. 
Until the repairs are completed, all excavations will be filled at the end of each workday and traffic restored to its current state with one NB lane closed at the failure location only.

Areas of