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The Arlington Public Works Department works hard to ensure that Arlington residents are provided with quality public services on a timely, consistent, and cost-effective basis. 
 Town of Arlington Public Works is responsible for the following:
- Streets and sidewalks maintenance including traffic signage, signals and markings;
- Solid Waste and Recycling Collection;
- Public storm water drainage infrastructure maintenance;
- Sewer system including a waste water treatment plant and associated lifts stations and collection system; 
- Inspection of construction of Town and public infrastructure related development projects;
- Inspection of TDEC MS4 and CGP permits;
- Town vehicle and equipment maintenance;
- Upkeep and maintenance of all Town facilities; 
- Parks and Recreation.

The provision of electricity, gas, and potable water is currently handled by Memphis Light, Gas, and Water Division (MLGW).

For more information or concerns, please contact the Public Works Clerk at (901) 867-4980 or email at

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Traffic Signs and Pavement Markings Class in Jackson, TN
Traffic Signs Class2 - Copy (2)
On April 27, 2017, David Garrison and Darryl Bledsoe of the Town of Arlington Public Works Department attended a class for Traffic Signs and Pavement Markings. Included in the class was a review of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). Some highlights were details for installing signs and needed markings for traffic control as well as usage and placement of the different types of signs for specific areas. A summary of sign and pavement markings retroreflectivity was also covered. This was a very informative class in helping keep the traffic flowing in Arlington with full safety measures implemented.
Drainage System Maintenance Class


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